30 Questions Vaxxers Hope You Won’t Ask

30 Questions Vaxxers Hope You Won’t Ask

By Damani Bryant Felder

See if you can find any vaxxers who can come up with answers for these simple questions.


Here’s what others had to say:

Gina Eubank
I love you and your brother’s stance. Thanks for always sharing truths. I especially love seeing you flash that Fight’n Texas Aggie Ring!!!!!! WHOOP!!!!!!!!

Anna Stone
These questions are so ignorant and ridiculous.

Janet Brown
Another question – Why won’t they close the southern border??

Cinda Brett Murphy
I love this but I wish it wasn’t so condescending so I could share it with some people-mask people I know. More of an inquisitive tone would be more disarming. But for myself, I LOVED it!

Theresa Leyden Carlisle
You are probably one of the most dangerous patriot out there, a man who actually thinks and questions the stupidity coming from the left. We need many more like you. You are absolutely right with your logic!

Brenda Hicks
I love the CT warning at the beginning of your video! That’s great!

Dave Mark
EVERY and I mean EVERY AMERICAN SHOULD BE ASKING THESE SAME QUESTIONS!!! I guarantee they wouldn’t be able to answer them, nor would they anyhow.

Marjorie Burlison Seiler
I’m not opposed to the vaccine.. I’m am opposed to forcing it on everyone. You are exactly correct. I think one of my favorites on your list ..is six feet apart in line at airport and sitting inches from someone minutes later?!

Benjamin Dixon
From one big guy to another, you’re a walking comorbidity out here telling people not to get the vaccine. Covid gonna feast on you like we feast on hamburgers

Jenn Reagan Hanna
These are all of my arguments! But somehow “you will die” or “or it is for humanity” is the constant recording in their brains. They can’t shut it off. If you ever wondered how this could happen, read the short little book by Andy Andrews, “How Do You Kill 11 Million People.” It is spot on!!! I have said this since March 2020! Yes it is real, I have had covid, actually still recovering from fatigue, but I didn’t die. You know why? I hydrated ALOT, took my vitamins, walked around my house everyday, used essential oils for breathing, and guess what, here I am. Stop listening to “THEM” and start thinking for yourself and educating yourself. The news is not education it is opinion anymore. 90% of people that come to the hospital are dehydrated and didn’t seek help soon enough. This didn’t have to happen this way!

Cheryl DiBiase
BRAVO! Great presentation. I have been asking these questions too.
Where has common sense gone?
SPOILER ALERT: Everyone gets sick.
SPOILER ALERT: Every single human being who is now alive will die someday. It is not the length of time that matters. It is the depth of living that we do. Go out and live life.

Mikki Savage
Way to go Damani!! But I am afraid they will not listen/hear these words. They are too blind to the truth. A bunch of “Puppets” on a string. SMH

Marilyn Migone
Love it all as usual spot on about all of this. This is a fight for freedom and if people wonder why a New Zealander would take an interest in this. Well its my fight too.

Cheryl Penney
You do realize people are dying of this right? Healthy people. I’m so tired of these posts, honestly. Don’t get the vaccine, but be prepared to stay home. To call people who trust science mindless followers is just ridiculous.

Mark Ricketts
It’s all about control and they use fear and greed and everything else that they can think of to get that control over everybody and everything!!!

Joey Jobe
I suspect all answers would be rejected. What’s the point of even asking these questions. Y’all don’t want answers, you want blind followers.

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