Hoax: RollingStone Issues “Correction” After De-Wormer HitPiece Debunked

Hoax: RollingStone Issues “Correction” After De-Wormer HitPiece Debunked

By Infowars 1776

HOAX: RollingStone Issues “Correction” After De-wormer HitPiece Debunked.


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Here’s what others had to say:

Ive got my box of Ivermectin sitting in my desk drawer 12mg human version and I’ll prove it to anyone who thinks I’m bs-ing. Its easy to get. There is a simple body weight to milligram dosing. They can take that vac-scene and shove it up their.

Did that woman on the phone say Call Us Next Tuesday? See, that’s wrong. J/K. I make jokes because this is so absurd. People, why are they trying to keep us from Ivermectin almost as desperately as they want to put that shot in us?! This stinks to high heaven.

Know the trick, see the lie.

(My opinion)… “They” can’t support the meds that actually improve the “virus” conditions because “they” wouldn’t have power to enforce the “Emergency Approval” the cd c/fd a…. is using to push the VA x…. that would end all this mandatory rights violation… My opinion.

I wish I could say this is the beginning of the end of the fake MSM, sadly, I don’t think so. Well done KLIM.

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