Just Because It Never Happened to You Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Happening to Other Kiwi’s

Just Because It Never Happened to You Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Happening to Other Kiwi’s

By Peterboy Harmon

Just because it Never happened to You doesn’t mean it’s Not happening to other Kiwi’s.

Truly a Courageous heartbreaking Story of One of Our Own beautiful young New Zealander Kiwi girl Casey Hodgkinson.

Doctors given oath after been given there PhD;
I Shall Do No Harm! quote unquote.

This is her Story & she speaks Not only for herself but for the Many thousands of Kiwi’s whom are being silenced too.
And the Government, Doctors, Medical profession & New Zealand People chose to ignore this because “it’s safe & effective”

I will repeat 2x

Thank You for Sharing your story to New Zealand Casey, your absolutely true Hero & there’s Millions of us Kiwi’s that support your courage and strength.
Your Father would be so Proud of what a Strong Wonderful daughter that he has.

Recognition to your partner & mother too.

I applaw All Kiwi’s Who Shares her Story.
All these people Need to be held accountable for Spreading Mis-information.
“Safe & effective!!”
We can only do this by Sharing her Truth.

Here’s what others had to say: 

Wanda Lenore Fowler
Everything about Covid is horrible. The loved ones of those who have died would give anything to have them back -wheelchair or not. The agony many experience before death is unspeakable, but mercifully welcome.

MJ Sherren
I’m crying! This is so sad!
I will pray for you..

Original Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/439835477699888/permalink/446969060319863/

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